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Re: Usermode splash screen/boot. what's the best approach?

Maybe we should set up some kind of /etc/alternatives thing for the rc scripts. I don't think making an alternative sysv-rc packages is the right way to go.

Luis M wrote:
I just committed a few things to remove all the dpkg-divert* related
stuff from the debsplash-utils package.
You can get the source from Alioth's debsplash CVS repository and test
away. Remember to backup /etc/init.d/rc before you install
debsplash-utils (just in case). If anything goes wrong, you can simply
re-install sysv-rc.

After installing the debsplash-utils package, you will need to copy
/usr/share/doc/debsplash-utils/scripts/rc to /etc/init.d/rc by hand
(for now). Soon I'll have the sysv-rc fork ready, which will install
this file automatically for end-users.

I have a pre-patched kernel that people can use, to get it point your
browsers to:


Please be kind to my bandwith as I have NONE. That's a shitty
connection. Mirroing or .torrent-ing those files would be very good.

I'll also be putting the new debsplash-* deb packages in that URL soon...


Matthew A. Nicholson

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