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Re: Usermode splash screen/boot. what's the best approach?

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 18:15, Christoffer Sawicki wrote:
> http://vemod.net/slask/userspace-bootsplash_0.1.tar.gz
> Yeah, it's messy... But don't blame me. :-)
> */ Christoffer Sawicki <qerub@home.se>

Thanks it's a good news, gotta get them and see some codes.

About debsplash:
yes that project is almost finished, but i advice that it's not a good idea to 
install it now since it is not stable. Give us only 10 days to be ready.
I remember that debsplash is a porting of gensplash, nothing more, it is still 
locked by a kernel patch. usplash - microsplash (or whatever you want) will 
substitute it as soon.

Thanks for your ideas, thus usplash main idea seems to be the best approach.

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