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Re: [nyast] Next steps and introduction of myself

Am Dienstag, 23. November 2004 10.48 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> Hi,

Good morning

> El lun, 22-11-2004 a las 22:53 +0100, Mario Fux escribió:
> > Hello again
> >
> > Another important question for the beginning is:
> >
> > Do we want to fork YaST2 or do we intent to work together with Novell and
> > try to bring our modifications back to the roots?
> Actually my idea is not to migrate the whole thing but just those parts
> which are worth to have available in debian, for example, I think that
> it would be a complete waste of time to implement the package manager
> having a great tool like synaptic, that makes no sense.

Generally I think the same as you. To migrate only the parts (admin modules, 
without e.g. the installer part) of YaST2 which are good and necessary. But 
hey, why not the package manager part too if it's easy. This way we have a 
consistent ui for the whole administration.

Another thing is that Rumen said, a first thing is the rpm-core to work on.

> What we should do is getting a part of YaST2, let's say the network
> configuration module, and try to make it work in debian, then another
> part and so on, piece by piece. If, as Rumen said, even the core
> depends on the rpms, part of the job will be to abstract the core from
> it and remove that dependency, in any way we should mess up with rpm
> stuff, at least that's my opinion :-)

Ok, but I'd like to hold the thing together as much as possible what means 
that we should work as close as possible with the Novell people and upstream 
authors of YaST2. I'd like to avoid a fork!
Perhaps something as a configure parameter like --package-system=dpkg at the 
build time.
My goal is an admin tool which looks (at least) similar on SuSE/Novell and 
Debian (derivates).


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