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Re: [nyast] Next steps and introduction of myself

On ср, 2004-11-24 at 00:38, Mario Fux wrote:

> > Actually my idea is not to migrate the whole thing but just those parts
> > which are worth to have available in debian, for example, I think that
> > it would be a complete waste of time to implement the package manager
> > having a great tool like synaptic, that makes no sense.
> Generally I think the same as you. To migrate only the parts (admin modules, 
> without e.g. the installer part) of YaST2 which are good and necessary. But 
> hey, why not the package manager part too if it's easy. This way we have a 
> consistent ui for the whole administration.
> Another thing is that Rumen said, a first thing is the rpm-core to work on.
Indeed... For me the steps are:
1. Compile the core successfully (when we past the rpm - easy after
2. Compile every module successfully (easy - some modules will compile
immediately, others not, but one by one and here you go :-))))
3. Patch the .scr for every module (most hardest part)
4. We are heroes if we reach this point :-))))

> > What we should do is getting a part of YaST2, let's say the network
> > configuration module, and try to make it work in debian, then another
> > part and so on, piece by piece. If, as Rumen said, even the core
> > depends on the rpms, part of the job will be to abstract the core from
> > it and remove that dependency, in any way we should mess up with rpm
> > stuff, at least that's my opinion :-)
> Ok, but I'd like to hold the thing together as much as possible what means 
> that we should work as close as possible with the Novell people and upstream 
> authors of YaST2. I'd like to avoid a fork!
> Perhaps something as a configure parameter like --package-system=dpkg at the 
> build time.
If SuSe/Novell guys help us to separate rpm from the core - yes it is
good solution..

> My goal is an admin tool which looks (at least) similar on SuSE/Novell and 
> Debian (derivates).
My goal is just to make it work, because I know how many differences are
there ;-)))


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