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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Am Dienstag, 23. November 2004 10.46 schrieb Rumen Krasstev:
> Hi Mario,

Morning Rumen


> > > > Another question: Is there already source code which we can see?
> > >
> > > I guess you would be happy of german mirror so here you are:
> > > http://www.suse.de/de/private/download/ftp/inland.html
> > > your right directory is /i386/9.2/suse/src/ (for example)...
> >
> > Oh, we missunderstood. I meant the code you changed (see below). I
> > already downloaded the source code but I'm not the best developer ;-).
> There is no so much code, because as I said now the rpm 4.1.1 is my
> biggest problem, so we are at the beginning yet. Until the end of this
> week I'll revisit my patches and publish them somewhere..


> [...]
> > Did you get in contact with Anibal?
> Yes, but during the summer vacations and I guess he didn't answer me
> because of that.. So I should write him again.. (these days)


> > And wouldn't it be easier (in a long way) to change the rpm stuff to
> > dpkg/apt stuff as you said yourself?
> Easier no, because it will require touching of many C++ sources, part of
> the core, instead of patching only the autoconf/automake stuff, but
> better, because some time in the future it will be necessary - we can't
> lie the system at all - I don't think we could build the whole system
> (with modules) just with recompilation and some hacks. As you said in
> long term we should start a *new* project - I mean this will not be port

I'm not happy with this *new* project thing. But if you say, there's no other 
way, I believe you because you know a lot more about the code. But I prefer a 
close relationship with SuSE/Novell/YaST2. I'd like to avoid a fork. See my 
other mail for some reasons.

Think as well about security things where we could profit from the upstream 
authors if our yast is close to theirs.

> of YaST for Debian, it will be new system based of YaST... More and more
> every day I understand how big is such task.. In this meaning, we will
> need somebody really good with dpkg developing.. I would ask in the
> devel list if somebody would like to participate.. Otherwise I'll need

Ok, this is something I could do. Do you think of any specific person?

> at least 3-4 months to dig into dpkg internals (I'm interested in this
> part of this a long time ago, but hadn't enough free time..)
> > Is it worth to spend the time with rpm in your opinion?
> Yes and no.. For testing what will happens after successfully compilation
> maybe and patching only the simplest scripts will give us quick results,
> but in a long term rpm should be removed (in my opinion)..

Ok, do have a time estimation for the rpm stuff?


> > > I will - it is my first priority open source project that, I spend my
> > > free time, but we need much more stronger organisation if we want to
> > > finish as soon as possible - for instance web site (even simple is
> > > enough), mail list, bug tracker, cvs server, etc.. Of course there is
> > > SourceForge - but I'm not sure will it be enough?
> >
> > IC, that's why I wanted to make an alioth project. Is it ok for you if I
> > set up a project on alioth with all the needed thinks (mailinglist, cvs
> > server, etc.)?
> Excellent, I have no experience with configuring GForge (I hear only
> rumours how hard is to set such system), but I guess setting just a project

Oh, that sounds great. My skills are so poor and it's so hard. But hey, I try 
and learn.

> on it, is easier, so go on make a project and I will upload there the
> pathces that I made..

I asked for an alioth project and I am now waiting for the answer of the 
alioth people.

> [...]
> > PS: Did you get in contact with some people of Novell? See my other mail.
> Before 4-5 months.. Without result.. :-/

Ok, so I try to get in contact with them.

> Cheers
> Rumen


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