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[nyast] Next steps and introduction of myself

Good morning

Here I want to summarise the first mails and give an introduction about me.

ATM there are at least 4 people who are interested in porting (or are already 
at work) YaST2 to debian:
- Mario Fux
- Jaldhar H. Vyas
- Ramon Acedo
- Rumen Krasstev

I'm getting in touch with Novell or the YaST2 authors to better work together.
Further I think it would be good to start an alioth project where we can place 
the source code and coordinate further work.

Rumen seems to be the person who best knows the source code so it would be 
nice if he could give as some deeper explanations about the next things to 

This for short and now a short introduction about my person:
My name is Mario Fux, I'm 25 years old and I live in Switzerland where I study 
education and computer sciences (computerlinguistic) at the university of 
Zurich. I grew up in the Alpes in a small village called Ried-Brig where I 
still spend my weekends.
Since approx. 6 years I work with and for Free Software where my main topics 
are FS and school/teaching and FS and Accessibility. I like and love Debian 
but think that there are still thinks to do therewith new users can benefit 
more of it.
I know that my english is far from perfect but hope that you understand what I 
want to say and hope that you ask otherwise.

So I hope we will nicely work together and that the community will see a 
working YaST2 port in a few months.

Greets and thx

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