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Re: future of Debian's derivatives efforts?

On 7/25/18 2:36 AM, John Crawley wrote:
> On 2018-07-23 10:47, John Crawley wrote:
>> Is there anything else that Debian could do to make it easier for
>> derivatives to contribute? I personally don't see that being a
>> derivative per se is sufficient reason for Debian to relax its
>> standards for packages from that source. 
> I could have thought a bit more about that, and agreed that while the
> procedures are laid out, and can eventually be discovered from various
> web pages, it's not so clear and obvious. (I still think that the
> package standards themselves are OK though.)
> Perhaps there is some scope for Debian to make things easier for
> potential new contributors, and in particular, maybe a page with
> specific advice for derivative developers would be welcome.
Just a thought: maybe clearly marked section on debian.org with Debian
Derivatives and forming a Debian Derivatives Team that will have Debian
Developers (those interested into this work being done directly in
Debian if it fits) and developers from derivatives (that can also happen
to be Debian Developers but it is not required for this team) so things
can be coordinated together and set proper and more straightforward
policies (aka agreeing on easiest and most efficient way while not
downplaying the quality of work itself). Something like mentors but just
for derivatives.


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