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Re: future of Debian's derivatives efforts?

On 2018-07-22 23:15, Daniil Baturin wrote:
I think everyone would benefit from a degree of unification of packaging
standards and processes between the derivatives and Debian itself.
While the standards are fairly well documented, the processes is still a
mystery to me, for example.

Hi all,
speaking as one of the BunsenLabs[1] developers I can say that our packages are intended to follow Debian standards as closely as possible, with the idea that at some (distant?) time in the future they might be available from Debian itself.

I don't see what further packaging standard "unification" is possible, other than that derivatives' packages follow Debian. As to the procedures, I was thinking that some day if one of our packages looked useful to debian users in general, I might try to find a sponsor for it...

Is there anything else that Debian could do to make it easier for derivatives to contribute? I personally don't see that being a derivative per se is sufficient reason for Debian to relax its standards for packages from that source. I've never tried this, but would have thought that if the stuff is OK then there's a way in. No?

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census/BunsenLabs


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