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Re: future of Debian's derivatives efforts?


On रविवार 22 जुल॰ 2018 01:48 अपराह्न, Paul Wise wrote:
> Hi all, Recently we had a discussion on debian-project about the value
> and future of Debian's derivatives efforts.
> https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/24613c281a1176f4e2cf26c118003b352d0d7d1b.camel@debian.org
> My interpretation of the discussion is that there is some value to
> Debian's derivatives efforts but that there are few folks from Debian
> who are both interested in the project and have time to contribute. 
There is for sure some/much value, many of the derivatives are are
trying to solve there own use cases, be it with Region or Language or
Domain of application.
This helps the derivatives better collaborate with Debian and with each
other as well.
> The discussion also pointed towards derivatives as a possible source
> of contributors. I think that makes sense, both as a way for
> derivatives folks to contribute to Debian and as a way for derivatives
> to raise interest in derivatives within Debian.
As per my observations, many of the derivatives are having the Debian
Contributors/Developers contributing to them.
So it helps both the derivatives and Debian as well.
The derivative contributors also help upstream patches/applications
which are then helpful for other Debian/Derivative users
> Raju Devidas (libregeekingkid) of Hamara Linux has starting helping
> out (with census invites) and expressed interest in working on the
> project. Does anyone else want to help out with Debian's derivatives
> efforts? Any other thoughts about Debian & derivatives? 
Derivatives should try to collaborate with each other on this list along
with there own lists.
This will help solve problems quickly as the most of the derivatives
will run into similar issues over time.
I still have a few issues which I posted on the derivatives mailing list
a while back, with no sufficient response.

for now we have fixed the issue with our own custom script.
> PS: today at DebCamp I've given Raju an overview of the census
> scripts. I'll be happy to give the same overview to anyone else at
> DebCamp. We will be working on the most pressing tasks in the next few
> days but there is lots more work to be done for interested volunteers.
> * migrating the git repository to salsa.debian.org * migrating from
> the mailing list to mailing folks directly * adding support for
> expiring files from the source archive

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