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Re: Introductions

* Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> [2010-06-24 09:29:05 CEST]:
> PPS: Recently I learned that there is Communtu (http://de.communtu.org/)

 Or for those people on here who can't read German,
<http://en.communtu.org/> :)

>      which sounds like "Blends for Ubuntu" but completely ignoring all
>      the Blends techniques.  I shortly introduced one (the?) Communtu
>      developer into this stuff which might help him - but have never
>      heard from him again since 4 monthes.

 Did you try to address more than one person after the waiting period?
The communtu-discuss mailing list? The contact form?

"Lediglich 11 Prozent der Arbeitgeber sind der Meinung, dass jeder
Mensch auch ein Privatleben haben sollte."
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