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Re: Introductions

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 11:12:30PM +0200, Steffen Möller wrote:
> I am active in Debian Med and associated brands that have quite some
> interest in getting the software used across distributions to tackle
> biomedical research problems.

As Steffen I'm heavily involved in Debian Med but also other Blends like
Debian Science, Debian Edu and Debian GIS consume some time of
attention.  There are a lot of derivatives out there which are
addressing specific workfields like the ones mentioned above.  These are
mostly driven by a very small developer team which makes the future of
these derivatives hardly predictable.  Some of these derivatives are
jumping from Debian to Ubuntu and back for reasons I do not know.  My
goal would be to involve these people so far that the diff to Debian
might become some kind of rebranding: All important stuff they really
need should be in Debian.  If they need some funny logo / background /
whatever stuff for their customers - that's fine.

So the main goal is to strengthen Debian by experts in specific
workfields to make Debian the distribution of choice for these
workfields (we are on a quite good position in the field of medicine,
more and more quite important upstream developers use and prefer
Debian) and on the other hand Debian might help these derivers to
have a solid base for the future.

Kind regards


PS: This idea is explained in more detail in

PPS: Recently I learned that there is Communtu (http://de.communtu.org/)
     which sounds like "Blends for Ubuntu" but completely ignoring all
     the Blends techniques.  I shortly introduced one (the?) Communtu
     developer into this stuff which might help him - but have never
     heard from him again since 4 monthes.


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