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Re: CDDs creators working with Debian

Hello everyone again,

On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 11:08:11PM -0300, Andre Luis Lopes wrote:

> As you already know. I'm not a native english speaker. Anyway, I found
> some minor mistakes in your text and would like to propose some changes.
> Please, hold on some time until I send the (hopefuly) fixed version.
> I think I'll be able to do so tomorrow morning as now it's more than
> 23:00 here and I already worked hard updating a lot of translations
> managing to coordinate myself between bug report fillings, CVS and SVN
> repositories.

Ok, as promised, here's it (atttached). Please review and send
sugestions. Michelle and Otávio, feel free to get in contact with me
regarding the thing with the government. I'm not the king of person
which would talk to them, but I would like to help if needed (and, hey,
I'm brazilian too).


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Collaborative work with CDD

During the last Debconf, which took place in Porto Alegre from May, 26 to
June, 2, we discussed a lot about Custom Debian Distributions (CDD), which
are 100% compatible with Debian Free Software Guidelines[1] and with Debian

We have a project inside Debian (which is very well receptive for external
contributors), know as CDD[3] Project, created due to the high demand of
this kind of Debian customization all around the world. The project's goal
is to develop software which would simplify the creation of Custom Debian

We already created soe Debian based disributions, like "Liberdade" and
"Sacix", which actually are already being used by social projects. But
now we would like to ask that Custom Debian Distributions which already
exists and the ones which will be created to work together.

It's simple. If there's a piece of software which aren't yet packaged for
Debian, make a package out of it[2] and send it to the official Debian
archive. If you believe you don't have the necessary skills you can ask[4]
a Debian Developer to do that for you. You can also send a message to
your local Debian Developers mailing list[5] and ask them if they want
to do the job.

If the software that you need is already packaged for Debian but you
need a special configuration for it, talk to the package maintainer[6]
and ask him if he could include your special configuration into the
official package. The maintainer of the package is the one which better
knows the needs of his/her users and there's a chance that others can
also benefit from your configuration.

Translations are also very important for Custom Debian Distributions
and you can ask the local volunteers[7] team to do the work. Surely,
it will be better if you do the work yourself or have your organization
pay for the volunteers to do the work needed. Send your contribution
to the package maintainer asking him/her to include it to the official
package and you will see how people will help you to proofread the text.

If you believe Debian can be made more secure, work together with
the Debian Security Team[8]. Get in contact with the team and make your
proposal. Maybe your ideas an/or modifications can be useful to Debian
and we all will benefit from it in the end.

Also, before creating a new Custom Debian Distribution, check[3] if there
isnt't one already available which does what you need or if you couldn't
just contribute some little modifications to one of them and get what you
need without having to reinvent the wheel yet again. Currently, there are
Custom Debian Distributions made specially for schools, non-profit
organizations, medicine, etc. A new Custom Debian Distribution specially
aimed at governments is being planned.

We are sure that working together with us we will achieve even more good
cooperation between Brazil and the rest of the world, which in the end
benefits everyone.

[1] Debian Free Software Guidelines :

[2] Debian Policy :

[3] CDD :

[4] Prospective Packages :

[5] Debian Developers Mailing List :

[6] Debian Project Members :

[7] Debian Translation Mailing Lists:                                                                                                             http://lists.debian.org/i18n.html

[8] Debian Security Contact:

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