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CDDs creators working with Debian

Hello everyone, 

As you may know, Brazil has some CDDs created and been at use in social projects. However, these CDDs has been made ouside of Debian and without any kind of colaboration.  

Now, me and Otavio, who works at one of this CDDs, want to ask to people at the Brazilian government to try to do a colaborative work. 

I wrote the follow text, based on Enrico's talk at Debconf. I'm sending this to you to ask for some proofread, if the text is compatible with the CDD team ideas and at the hope that this can be usefull to someone around the world, who has the same situation at his country. 

Please, let me know what you think. 

All the best, 

Michelle Ribeiro

Colaborative work with CDD 

During the last Debconf, we heard a lot about Custom Debian
Distributions, distributions derived from Debian which are 100%
compatible with DFSG[1] and the Debian Policy[2]. This happens due
to the CDD[3] Project, created due to the high number of this kind of
distribution around the world. The Project's goal is the development
of softwares which make the creation of this distributions more easy.

In Brazil, we already created some distributions based on Debian,
like Liberdade and Sacix, that are in use in social projects.

Now, we'd like to ask the collaboration from custom distributions
that already exists or from new CDDs to work together.

If you need a special software that doesn't exists on Debian,
make a package of it[2] and send to the Debian archive. If you
believe that don't have the knowledgments needed, you can ask[4]
to a Debian Developer to do that. You can also send an e-mail to
your local Debian developers mailing list[5] to check if some of
then wants to do the job.

If the software that you need already has a package, but you need a
special configuration, talk with the developer[6] that take care of
it on Debian to try to included this on the official package. The
developer will know what the users of his package needs and others
peoples will use it.

Translations are a very important issue to custom distributions
and in this case, you can ask to the local volunteers[7] to do the
work. Will be better if you choose to use your free time to do the
job yourself or if your organization choose to pay volunteers to
do. Send your contribution to the package maintainer asking him to
add this in the official version and see how people will help you
to proofread the text.

If you believe that Debian can be more secure, work with the Debian
Security Team[8], make your proposte. Maybe your modification can
be usefull to Debian.

Also, before create a new CDD, check[3] if already there is a CDD
that do what you want or that you need to do just some little
modifications. Today, there is CDDs for schools, non profit
organizations, medicine, etc. A new custom distribution to
governments is been planned.

We have sure that doing like this, we'll have a great cooperation
beetwen Brazil and the rest of the world, with big benefits to both.

1. Debian Free Software Guidelines:

2. Debian Policy:

3. CDD:

4. Prospective packages:

5. Debian Developers Mailing Lists:

6. Debian Project Members:

7. Debian Translation Mailing Lists:

8. Debian Security Contact:

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