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Re: CDDs creators working with Debian

On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 04:00:04PM +0000, Michelle Ribeiro wrote:
> Hello everyone, 

Hello Michelle,

> As you may know, Brazil has some CDDs created and been at use in social projects. However, these CDDs has been made ouside of Debian and without any kind of colaboration.  
> Now, me and Otavio, who works at one of this CDDs, want to ask to people at the Brazilian government to try to do a colaborative work. 
> I wrote the follow text, based on Enrico's talk at Debconf. I'm sending this to you to ask for some proofread, if the text is compatible with the CDD team ideas and at the hope that this can be usefull to someone around the world, who has the same situation at his country. 
> Please, let me know what you think. 
> All the best, 

As you already know. I'm not a native english speaker. Anyway, I found
some minor mistakes in your text and would like to propose some changes.
Please, hold on some time until I send the (hopefuly) fixed version.

I think I'll be able to do so tomorrow morning as now it's more than
23:00 here and I already worked hard updating a lot of translations
managing to coordinate myself between bug report fillings, CVS and SVN


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