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Re: women in debian


i've managed to make my mother switch to linux in summer. i installed 
everything for her and explained her the basics. i made the machine dual-boot 
(win and linux) and i'm glad to say that she never booted win since linux was 
installed. she really had the will to make the step to linux. she is very 
interested in knowing more, and when there are problems i try to explain the 
reasnons. e.g. some time ago my brother missconfigured her mail-client to use 
sendmail on localhost. since the computer is being masqued, mails did not go 
out. i explained her the important parts of the smtp protocol, and she was 
glad to know _why_ things did not work as they should.
well, she is just a linux _user_, and it will take some time to show her the 
benefits of e.g. the command-line. she is really interested to know what 
happens "behind the scenes", but she is much to busy to expore the system on 
her own.
anyways. she really learned to make her everyday-work with linux. she konws 
how to kill hanging apps, how to open strange documents, and well, she has 
her ways to get help (my brother, or if things are more complicated, myself).

i'm still waiting before i make the same steps with my father, because i feel 
that it will be much more difficult to make him "move". he is used to his 
envirnonment, and even changes make him worry.
i don't really think this is gender-specific, in this case... it's just 
different people...


p.s. this was not really "women in debian", rather "people with linux" :)

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