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Re: women in debian

>>>>> "An" == An Thi-Nguyen Le <anle@ews.uiuc.edu> writes:

[M-x snip]

    An> <snort> How about a word from the other side of the fence?  If I had to 
    An> choose between sitting through an argument between women and an argument 
    An> between men, I'd choose men.  Why?  Because there's just as much of a 
    An> fight for dominance in women-dominated lists/groups.  It's not as obvious, 
    An> there may never be an out-and-out flamewar ever, but the underlying 
    An> politics and backstabbing is nasty, vicious, and merciless.  It makes 
    An> the fallout between Thomas and Craig look like little boys fighting over 
    An> a Transformer.

    I just can't resist to summon the wisdom of fortune(6) on the
wonders of female rivalry, bringing to intellectual crumbles all this
nonsense about the relative lack of competitiveness among women:

$ fortune -m 'girl for girl'

No friendship is so cordial or so delicious as that of girl for girl;
no hatred so intense or immovable as that of woman for woman.
		-- Landor

    Dixit Fortuna!


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