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Re: women in debian

On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 04:03:51PM -0800, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry typed:
} my experience in the CS world is that women find hacking on minutiae because
} it is fun quite boring actually.  Most of them are more of the "does it work,
} good enough".  As I said, this is from my own college and work experience.
} Men in computers seem willing to devote hours to trivial matters or work hard
} and long while many bitch and complain.  Few women in computers I have met
} cared.

I care.  I hack quite a bit and enjoy it.  Half of the women in CS I know 
are the same way.  Then again, this is half of a very small number but 
it's still statistically 50%.

} Open Source is for many people about ego.  "Look at what I did", or "I could
} write that better than they did".  This is a very male tendency.

<snort> How about a word from the other side of the fence?  If I had to 
choose between sitting through an argument between women and an argument 
between men, I'd choose men.  Why?  Because there's just as much of a 
fight for dominance in women-dominated lists/groups.  It's not as obvious, 
there may never be an out-and-out flamewar ever, but the underlying 
politics and backstabbing is nasty, vicious, and merciless.  It makes 
the fallout between Thomas and Craig look like little boys fighting over 
a Transformer.

If men are the apes beating their chests and yelling at each other,
and occaisonally fighting, women are the tigers slinking in the dark,
playing a game of stalk-and-kill.

It's all civilized and nice and pretty, but you'll never leave a fight
unscathed.  They're right, what they say about scorned women.

} > Anyway, Debian's quite a phenomenon, I doubt that anything historically
} > described as inherently male or inherently female has to be valid in our
} > community.
} agreed, I hope to see more women, more groups from around the world.  I enjoy
} being proved wrong as much as I enjoy being right.

I don't particularly care whether or not more women come in.  I only
care if *people* come in.  

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|Never eat anything bigger than your head.

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