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Re: women in debian

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 06:51:03AM -0800, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
|S. J. Black, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
|>The guys who want to see more of a balance between the genders in
|>debian/ tech in general might want to let their sisters, girlfriends,
|>moms, female acquaintances know that they *can* learn to do tech stuff,
|>that their company in such pursuits is welcome. Encourage confidence in
|I do.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.  My partner uses MH for
|mail and vi for an editor.  And she doesn't think she's a geek.  She
|makes comments on just being a geek postulant.  Pfeh...

I am currently trying to show Debian to my wife. It works slowly by
slowly. But I really can't imagine she is going to read 10 mail lists.
This is a problem, because I got most of my experince browsing
Internet and asking on mail lists. I am afraid I will have a problem
to explain her, that this is the best way. She reads the book, but
IMHO she will have to ask people when she does not understand
something more complicated. Maybe this is something specific to males?


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