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Re: women in debian

The thing about Linux people (for the folks who are raised on MS products) is
that we tend to have a different frame of reference.

First of all when things do not behave as we have expected/wished, most of us
want to try to figure out and understand why.  The questions of how can I get my
work done now are as important to us as to all of those other people, but we
would also like to know how to prevent this "surprise" from delaying us in the
future.  So we have loads of options (usually *not* including waiting for
someone to answer a telephone while listening to sappy, low fidelity, monaural
recordings of music of someone else's choosing) for learning how to solve the

I doubt that this attitude is gender specific.


Bek Oberin wrote:

> Magni Onsøien wrote:
> > I am currently trying to show Debian to my brother. It works slowly by
> > slowly. But I really can't imagine he is going to read 10 mail lists.
> > This is a problem, because I got most of my experince browsing
> > Internet and asking on mail lists. I am afraid I will have a problem
> > to explain him, that this is the best way. He reads the book, but
> > IMHO he will have to ask people when he does not understand
> > something more complicated. Maybe this is something specific to sisters?
> The funniest bit is this is EXACTLY my brother, to a T.  It's
> me who reads a zillioon mailing lists and finds stuff out by
> experimentation, RTFM'ing and mailing lists :)
> Women in Debian might be quiet, but we're here.
> bekj
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