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Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

Kurt Roeckx writes ("Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie"):
> So to clarify, I think a proposal can be withdrawn, but once the
> vote has been called it can't be withdrawn, and you're left with
> things like not reaching quorum of voting FD over the other
> options.

Right.  If the proposer no longer supports the resolution, they should
vote against it, changing their vote if necessary.

> So looking at the votes, I found:
> Bdale: 12345
> Russ: 12534
> Ian: FD, sysvinit, upstart, openrc, systemd
> Keith: 12435
> Don: 5 (4=3=2=1)
> Steve: 52134
> Andi: 52134
> (I didn't see anybody change his vote, and didn't see Colin vote?)
> Anyway, I'm really only sure what Ian and Don vote.  The way I
> see it there are 2 ways to represent your votes with only numbers.
> The one that devotee uses is you give the rank for each of the
> options in order of the options, because that way you can
> represent votes that you consider equal.  What I think some people
> here use is the order of the options which gets confusing because
> they're also numbers.  I think it would be good that you all agree
> on some short notation to avoid confusion, like Don's.

This kind of thing is why options should be lettered, not numbered.

I think my and Don's ballots are unambiguous.

  My 1st preference is Further Discussion (Bdale's "5")
  My 2nd preference is sysvinit

  Don's 1st preference is Further Discussion (Bdale's "5")
  Don ranks all the other options equally

> What I think people vote in devotee's notation is:
> 12345
> 12453
> 53421
> 12435
> 22221
> 32451
> 32451

I think this is right.

> So even if Colin would vote you couldn't beat the default option
> (FD), and all the other options would be dropped.  As such I think
> the result is no longer in doubt and FD wins.

Right, good.

Thanks, Kurt.


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