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Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie"):
> I think there's general consensus in the TC that a GR overriding this
> decision should be done with a simple majority (at least among the people
> who have commented).  If a GR goes forward, I'll propose that the TC agree
> to allow override by a majority instead of a 2:1 supermajority, provided
> someone doesn't come up with some other more elegant way to handle this.
> So I don't think this will be a problem.

I thought we had agreed that the TC resolution would explicitly state
that it would be overrideable by a simple majority.

None of Bdale's options do that.  Doing this with a later resolution
which might or might not pass the TC is IMO unacceptable.

I hope this omission in Bdale's drafts is an oversight.

Anyway for that reason, if for no other, I feel must vote as follows:

  FD, sysvinit, upstart, openrc, systemd

I choose this ordering because if we are going to make a
difficult-to-overrule decision - despite having clearly indicated that
we would not do that - it should be the closest to the status quo.

(Using the names rather than the numbers Bdale has assigned because I
find numerically ranking a set of numbers needlessly confusing.)


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