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Re: Bug#682010: re celt and mumble referred to the TC

On Thursday, July 19, 2012 19:07:52, Ron wrote:
> What we'd like to do in the meantime, is let the mumble version from
> unstable transition to testing now.  That will:
>  - Unbreak the server for everyone, which currently won't work at all.
>  - Break the client for people using ancient servers, and who are
>    talking to people without opus support.  ie.  not everyone, but a
>    fair number of people who haven't yet moved, or who can't convince
>    their friends to move yet.  You know the deal there.

I'm still not opposed to the plan (because I still think it's the best option 
discussed), but I think it might hurt a bit more than perhaps we anticipated 
in the very-short-term before the version of the Mumble client with the Speex 
codec is available.

   - installed -2 mumble-server from Sid on the server  (this was likely a
     one-way operation, because the version I was previously running is gone
     from the repos)
   - upgraded to the -2 client from Sid on my laptop
   - connected to the server, Opus codec was chosen
   - friend connected from his laptop using Windows Mumble client 1.2.3a
     and was shown an error message stating lack of Opus support, so he
     couldn't talk nor hear.
   - I had the friend upgrade to the developer snapshot 1.2.3-361-ga2a3836
     from the Mumble website and try again -- same message.  So right now
     there is no version of the Mumble client available for Windows (at
     least on the front page of the Mumble website) that supports Opus, or
     if it does it's not compatable with the version of Opus in the -2
     Mumble package in Sid.

   - I disconnected from the server (-2 client) and closed Mumble
   - I reinstalled Mumble from Wheezy (the "348" version of the client that
     is impossible to build today)
   - Connected to the server again and communication works via CELT codec

From this test I draw the following conclusions:
   - the -2 version of mumble-server is safe to migrate to Wheezy,
     no problem there
   - in terms of the mumble client, we'll be relying on getting the
     version with Speex support tested and into Wheezy.  We knew this
     already, but now it's more clear that this will be important even
     for /newer/ versions of the Mumble client.
   - Once -2 of the Mumble client is migrated to Testing we will be
     fully committed to the plan
   - There's some element of time risk involved because Thorvald is
     going to be afk for a week.

I have faith that this will work out, and I also think it's important to 
report these findings so we can all try to understand the scope of the 

  -- Chris

Chris Knadle
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