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Bug#682010: re celt and mumble referred to the TC

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 01:47:21AM -0400, Chris Knadle wrote:
> I'm still not opposed to the plan (because I still think it's the best option 
> discussed), but I think it might hurt a bit more than perhaps we anticipated 
> in the very-short-term before the version of the Mumble client with the Speex 
> codec is available.
>    - I had the friend upgrade to the developer snapshot 1.2.3-361-ga2a3836
>      from the Mumble website and try again -- same message.  So right now
>      there is no version of the Mumble client available for Windows (at
>      least on the front page of the Mumble website) that supports Opus, or
>      if it does it's not compatable with the version of Opus in the -2
>      Mumble package in Sid.

Making a binary release for windows users is bottlenecked behind Thorvald too
right now.  The problem goes something like this:

 - It can't be installed on windows unless it's been digitally signed by
   some MSFT endorsed signing key.

 - Thorvald is the only person with access to the VM and signing key
   needed for that.

He was going to see if he could find time to whip one of those out before
he left, but otherwise this is about a week away from happening too.

There may be some way that people can build their own from source or
override the 'security' feature on their windows machine to install
one from someone else, but someone who actually uses windows will
probably have to answer that if you need more details.


[We might want to avoid cc'ing Thorvald on all of these, unless it's
 actually *really* important for him to see ...  if he has a mountain
 of mail to get through when he gets back, that might not be helpful
 for getting to the code as quickly as he otherwise might ...]

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