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Re: Bug#682010: re celt and mumble referred to the TC

Chris Knadle writes ("Re: Bug#682010: re celt and mumble referred to the TC"):
> On Thursday, July 19, 2012 19:07:52, Ron wrote:
> ...
> > What we'd like to do in the meantime, is let the mumble version from
> > unstable transition to testing now.  That will:
> > 
> >  - Unbreak the server for everyone, which currently won't work at all.
> >  - Break the client for people using ancient servers, and who are
> >    talking to people without opus support.  ie.  not everyone, but a
> >    fair number of people who haven't yet moved, or who can't convince
> >    their friends to move yet.  You know the deal there.
> I'm still not opposed to the plan (because I still think it's the
> best option discussed), but I think it might hurt a bit more than
> perhaps we anticipated in the very-short-term before the version of
> the Mumble client with the Speex codec is available.

I'm not sure I follow this conversation but it seems to be a plan to
switch to yet a different codec.

How will this interact with mumble in other distros, who are
presumably following mumble upstream's advice to use celt 0.7.1 as a
baseline ?


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