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Re: Bug#682010: re celt and mumble referred to the TC

Ok, so I've just had a long overdue catch-up with Thorvald, and we think
we have a plan that really covers all the bases ...

We can re-enable speex support in the client, which was only just recently
dropped (so only the client currently in unstable is affected by that),
and since all the clients well back in pre-history should support that
just fine, we can jigger things so that it will be the baseline interop
if celt is not present, and use the existing threshold setting on the
servers to let people select the point at which the number of users with
opus support triggers switching to that.

Which means we basically get the best of all worlds, we have interop with
existing old clients, we get to drop celt support and so don't have to
worry about getting burned by it, and people will automatically switch to
the wonders of opus (and get lower bandwidth and better quality) as soon
as enough of the connected parties have support for it.

There's a few things that need testing, but we're reasonably confident
this can fly, and meet all the concerns of almost everyone.

There are only two small catches:

 - catch 1.  He's about to fly out and will be afk for a week, so he
   won't be able to look at this until he gets back.  (which is why
   I'm writing this now instead of letting him do it)

 - catch 2.  The version of murmur currently in testing is completely
   broken again due to the zeroc-ice screwup.  That wouldn't have
   happened if the -2 upload of mumble had transitioned as planned,
   but well, you all know the story there ...

So ...   Chris, since you're currently the major objector, and opened
this bug with the TC, this question is mainly for you ...

What we'd like to do in the meantime, is let the mumble version from
unstable transition to testing now.  That will:

 - Unbreak the server for everyone, which currently won't work at all.
 - Break the client for people using ancient servers, and who are
   talking to people without opus support.  ie.  not everyone, but a
   fair number of people who haven't yet moved, or who can't convince
   their friends to move yet.  You know the deal there.
 - Most importantly though: minimise the diff that -release need to
   review when Thorvald gets back and we have a new upload to make
   once again.

We tossed up which way to go with this (the alternative being to not
let it migrate and inflict the bigger diff on -release and broken
server on everyone) - but this seems to be the lesser evil, since it
will let people get some more testing miles on opus, and people who
would really be put out by that can just put it on hold for a short

Once Thorvald gets back and we re-add speex, this should all work again
for everyone, and we don't have to kick it out of testing, don't have
to embed a suspect lib, and shouldn't have to leave anyone feeling
hard done by ...

Does that sound ok for you?

If it does, I'll bump the severity of your bug back down to something
not RC (but not close it yet, we'll let the speex enabling upload do
that), and request the release team unblock it.  And if there is no
further complaint to discuss, then I guess you can tell -ctte you
have the pound of flesh you sought :)

Otherwise ...  well, then I don't know what ...  you'll have to
suggest a plan B all your own, because this is the best we have ...

All Thorvald asked is that people stay calm, so he can actually worry
about working on the code rather than being stressed by the drama :)

I'll make this happen if I get your ACK that it works for you too.


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