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Re: Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

* Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) [070805 23:49]:
> Recent activity should generally weigh more heavily than historical
> involvement when deciding who should be in charge of a package, but
> particularly for a package such as this, we should surely be aiming for a
> spirit of collaboration rather than territoriality.

One thing I want to add here:

I'm not interessted in territoriality. Not at all. I'm working with a
different concept, called: responsibility.

I currently feel responsible for the developers reference. That is why I
care. And in that model, whoever is responsible needs the proper tools
to be able to get adequate results.

Compare it with other tasks where I'm responsible: Because I am
responsible for Lenny (together with others), I can execute certain
changes on the archive etc - and if someone uploads a package directly
to testing, or experimental code travels to testing, it might happen
that I feel the correct decision to remove such a package. In all the
time I'm working on that, thanks God I didn't need to argue with anyone
that I have the authority to do that. Of course, in the case of the
Release Team, you know that we're working as a team, with a common
mind-share etc, and that I'm happy to include more people - and I am
looking forward to the day where I can find a suiteable replacement for
myself as Release Manager so that I can get off the hot seat like you
already did. :))

Now, the situation isn't so different to the developers reference: Just
that the team (unfortunatly) consists of only one person, and the
technical access controls are not as tight as they are in the case of
the release team. However, in this case, someone just ignores my
authority on the package, and commits even though I ask not to, and just
tells me I don't have any more authority than he has.

And *that* is just inacceptable to me.


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