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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

* Sam Hocevar (sam@zoy.org) [070805 14:09]:
>    Could we try to first exhaust other means of consensus reaching
> before summoning the tech-ctte with this?

I tried. Raphael told me:
13:00 <buxy> sorry, you have no ownership on that package
13:00 <aba> I disagree.
13:00 <aba> and that is documented.

So, we need a decision on that.

Raphael has more than once ignored requests I asked for the developers
reference. This is not the way to go, at least not as long as I feel
responsible for that document.

>    As for Raphaël adding himself to the Uploaders: field, I have no
> particular opinion about it. I suggest discussing it within the team,
> too, and either reverting the change, or reaching a common agreement
> about upload rules (which I would obviously prefer).

The "team" currently consists of me. All the uploads and changes in the
last 2.5 years were done by me (except for the french translation of
course, whereas I'm in good contact with the appropriate translator). I
picked up the package after a long periode of inactivity, dusted off
some old bug reports, added lots of stuff etc.

I'm always happy to accept and add more/new contributors, as you know.
However, that doesn't work with just committing though I ask not to. It
rather works (like always) that people start with patches, until the
lead maintainer one day says "oh yes, please just commit". If people are
not going to accept this way of being added to an activly maintained
part of Debian, that's called hijacking. And there is no way in
discussing around it.


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