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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

On Mon, 06 Aug 2007, Andreas Barth wrote:
> Actually, I think all these "solutions" have the same issue:
> There used to be a working process for the developers reference.
> Then someone came, tried to hijack it and now forces me to adjust my
> process on the fly, while threatening me to ignore me in future again.

I've said things because I was angry. Please forgive me for that.

I certainly won't ignore you, otherwise I wouldn't participate in the
discussion and wouldn't try to make proposals that suit everybody.

I also don't want to change the working process, although I'm interested
in getting back my author/editor status.

Thus I suggest the following:
- I'll refrain from direct commits in the future, instead I'll open bug
  reports with patchs
- you put me back in the Uploaders, and you accept me as an editor that
  can apply patches from the BTS. I won't apply them before the bug is at
  least 2 weeks old unless you explicitely voted in favor of the patch (in
  the bug log).

Is that OK?

> That is something I'm not going to accept. This is really driving me so
> unhappy and frustrated that I consider currently to drastically reduce
> my involvment in Debian, because it just annoys me totally.

Please don't do so.

> involved. But that only works if the person interested in joining shows
> a minimal respect for the work of the lead maintainer, and that person's
> style of work.

Be sure that I respect all the work you did. Please also respect mine even
if it dates back to a long time ago.

Raphaël Hertzog

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