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Re: debian-ctte list isn't archived, etc.

ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk wrote:
> Raul Miller writes ("debian-ctte list isn't archived, etc."):
> > I'm sending this email to a whole bunch of people because there's a
> > whole series of problems that I'd like to see resolved quickly.
> I agree.  (Raul, thanks for sending me mail at another address to
> bring this to my attention.)
> > (1) three of the technical committee members are not responding to
> > email (Klee Dienes, Guy Maor, and Ian Jackson).  [In at least two
> > of those cases I think they're subscribed to the committee lists
> > under old email addresses.]  [They need to vote for someone as
> > chairman to fix problem 0.]
> There are supposed to be two lists.  One is for external people to
> contact the committee, and is not publicly-subscribable (but perhaps
> should be archived).


> The main one should be for general discussion and should allow posting
> only from the committee members' email addresses (and project
> officials like the leader), but allow anyone to subscribe.


I posted the moderators file before.

> I would like to be subscribed to both lists at
>   ijackson+debian-ctte@chiark.greenend.org.uk


> I'd like all the current committee, who were listed in Raul's mail, to
> be informed what and where these lists are.  For example, which of the
> two above is the debian-ctte list ?

debian-ctte-private is the private list, Ian is the only subscriber.



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