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Re: debian-ctte list isn't archived, etc.

Raul Miller writes ("debian-ctte list isn't archived, etc."):
> I'm sending this email to a whole bunch of people because there's a
> whole series of problems that I'd like to see resolved quickly.

I agree.  (Raul, thanks for sending me mail at another address to
bring this to my attention.)

> (1) three of the technical committee members are not responding to
> email (Klee Dienes, Guy Maor, and Ian Jackson).  [In at least two
> of those cases I think they're subscribed to the committee lists
> under old email addresses.]  [They need to vote for someone as
> chairman to fix problem 0.]

There are supposed to be two lists.  One is for external people to
contact the committee, and is not publicly-subscribable (but perhaps
should be archived).

The main one should be for general discussion and should allow posting
only from the committee members' email addresses (and project
officials like the leader), but allow anyone to subscribe.

I have asked for this a number of times, but nothing happened - I
presume because it didn't seem important.  I think it's more urgent

I would like to be subscribed to both lists at

I'd like all the current committee, who were listed in Raul's mail, to
be informed what and where these lists are.  For example, which of the
two above is the debian-ctte list ?

I'll now go and read my ctte email, which I've found piling up ian


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