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Re: please vote...

On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 07:24:58PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Excuse me, but I'm still a bit reeling from having found all this mail
> here in an inconvenient place.

Thanks for digging it up.

> Raul Miller writes ("please vote..."):
> > I agree with Manoj's "forest of symlinks" proposal -- I'm voting for it.
> I haven't read the background material yet.  Can we delay voting ?
> How much of a hurry are we in ?

Well.. we probably need to get Guy and/or Klee's votes before things are
settled, and after all this time a pre-arranged wait for the weekend is
probably ok.

My biggest worry was that months would pass, or some such..

> I'll have some time this weekend to deal with this.  I was going to do
> this and some other Debian things last weekend but all my computers
> broke down simultaneously.
> I can be on IRC later today (from perhaps 2100GMT or 2200GMT) if this
> would help.

I'm not going to be, but maybe some of the other people are.

If you happen to come across Klee or Guy could you ask them to
speak up?



> > Raul Miller:
> > 	I'm voting for both myself and Dale Scheetz as chairman
> Raul, you don't seem to have expressed a preference ?  I think Raul
> has shown that he has a lot of time available for this kind of thing,
> as has Dale.

I've not yet expressed a preference.  I think I've read the relevant
parts of the constitution a few more times than Dale, but Manoj had
expressed a concern that I wasn't diplomatic enough.  Since I don't
feel competent to assess my personality flaws, and since there was
no immediate need for me to express a preference I elected not to.

> I vote:
>  1. Raul
>  2. Dale
> We need at least 4 votes to make the outcome not in doubt.  If it
> takes too long and we have tried various things to contact people I
> suppose we'll have to replace them (which would take a little while).

I expect that both are just busy.. I hope that one or the other will
speak up before too long.


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