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Re: please vote...

Excuse me, but I'm still a bit reeling from having found all this mail
here in an inconvenient place.

Raul Miller writes ("please vote..."):
> I agree with Manoj's "forest of symlinks" proposal -- I'm voting for it.

I haven't read the background material yet.  Can we delay voting ?
How much of a hurry are we in ?

I'll have some time this weekend to deal with this.  I was going to do
this and some other Debian things last weekend but all my computers
broke down simultaneously.

I can be on IRC later today (from perhaps 2100GMT or 2200GMT) if this
would help.

> (2) We still don't have a chairman.  I don't see anything in the
> constititution which requires us to have a chairman before we can
> vote, but this is an outstanding vote.  Here's the current 
> committee lineup:
> Manoj Srivastava:
> 	votes for Dale Scheetz as chairman
> Dale Scheetz:
> 	votes for myself (Raul Miller) as chairman
> Guy Maor:
> 	has not yet voted for a chairman
> Ian Jackson:
> 	has not yet voted for a chairman
> Klee Dienes:
> 	has not yet voted for a chairman
> Raul Miller:
> 	I'm voting for both myself and Dale Scheetz as chairman

Raul, you don't seem to have expressed a preference ?  I think Raul
has shown that he has a lot of time available for this kind of thing,
as has Dale.

I vote:
 1. Raul
 2. Dale

We need at least 4 votes to make the outcome not in doubt.  If it
takes too long and we have tried various things to contact people I
suppose we'll have to replace them (which would take a little while).


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