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debian-ctte list isn't archived, etc.

I'm sending this email to a whole bunch of people because there's a
whole series of problems that I'd like to see resolved quickly.


(0) the technical committee has no chairman.

(1) three of the technical committee members are not responding to
email (Klee Dienes, Guy Maor, and Ian Jackson).  [In at least two
of those cases I think they're subscribed to the committee lists
under old email addresses.]  [They need to vote for someone as
chairman to fix problem 0.]

(2) I don't have access to murphy (either I forgot my password or I
don't have an account there), so I can't even examine how that machine
is handling list traffic.

(3) on master there's a ~debian/lists/debian-ctte/ but all
that's in it is:
-rw-r--r--   1 debian   Debian        967 Dec  5  1998 debian-ctte.199812.gz

(3a) the list archive isn't available from www.debian.org

(4) my old email address <rdm@test.legislate.com> is going away in a
few weeks because legislate is going away.  [my subscription to the
technical committee lists should be changed to moth@debian.org].


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