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My complex life...

Time doesn't work ;-) (from the bumber sticker: "Time is Nature's way of
keeping everything from happening at once.")

Well, it doesn't work. Everything has been happening at once in my life
lately, and I am barely able to keep up.

To make a long, booring, story somewhat shorter: My father is getting on
in years, and has become too much for my sister to handle. She has made
arrangements for paid support, but that can't be put in place for another
two weeks, so I'm going down to Orlando to take the load off her shoulders
until these other arrangements can be finalized.

I will probably not have much net access during this time (although I
intend to look for a more "global" service while I'm there), but I'm
taking my machines, and will certainly have time to work on some Debian

Of my packages, the only one in trouble at the moment is rc. There is a
tricky problem of getting a config file for the power pc folks that will
also work on the other archs. I should be able to figure it out pretty
soon, but if someone feels the pressing urge to to provide an NMU, I will
not object.

I will do my best to keep up with e-mail, so the current discussions on
ctte will not bog down.

I can only hope that this is the last "pile on" that life has for me for a
while ;-)

Waiting is,

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