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Re: Call for ideas & agenda items for remote cloud sprint 2020

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 09:50:33PM -0300, Arthur Diniz wrote:
> > 1/ image-finder
> >
> > If Arturo is willing to spend some times with me, I'd like to finish
> > what I started with him, ie: make the app finally really usable and
> > production ready the way I feel is needed (ie: having it work with a
> > configuration file to read the DSN, and have a "db-sync" on the command
> > line that actually works...).
> >
> I would like to talk during the sprint about the deployment. Instead of
> using package managing, I would like to deploy it using Kubernetes.
> This way we can have everything at Salsa and this could make it easier to
> manage than using external DevOps tools like Jenkins.
> With GitLab(salsa), we can import the K8S cluster and setup all the
> DevOps/pipelines.
> The Image finder already has docker images been built, tagged, and pushed
> to the Salsa repo registry via GitLab CI so we are halfway there.

I'll add this to the list - though I think we also need to talk about
the cost & operational responsibilities.


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