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Re: Call for ideas & agenda items for remote cloud sprint 2020

On 9/16/20 2:50 AM, Arthur Diniz wrote:
> I would like to talk during the sprint about the deployment. Instead of
> using package managing, I would like to deploy it using Kubernetes.

This isn't in opposition. You could well have the image finder packaged,
and usable anywhere, and still use Kube to deploy it. We do run Kube at
my company, if you think that's the way to go, let's do it. However, I'd
still prefer to go forward with my patch, and I very much regret that
it's still not working and merged. :(

> This way we can have everything at Salsa and this could make it easier
> to manage than using external DevOps tools like Jenkins.

What's the relationship between Jenkins and Kube? To me, there's none...
I do run Jenkins, and could get a package built on each commit, and have
it automatically deployed too.

> With GitLab(salsa), we can import the K8S cluster and setup all the
> DevOps/pipelines.
> The Image finder already has docker images been built, tagged, and
> pushed to the Salsa repo registry via GitLab CI so we are halfway there.

I'm still very much bothered by the way the app reads its db password.
Please at least take the part of my patch that's reading it from a file
using oslo.config... I also would like to get things clustered (ie: a
master-master SQL server, and a double web server, with a double haproxy
+ VRRP in front). That's not much work, I just need that tiny little
help to get me fix the final bits. Or is it that you don't understand as
well why the db-sync isn't working?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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