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Re: Official Debian Images for Vagrant

2014-02-26 16:26 GMT+01:00 Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel@libera.cc>:
> As bootstrap-vz is used for other images and helps to reproduce image
> creation for multiple providers, I would personally prefer to use
> bootstrap-vz for official images.

I had a look last summer at different ways to provide Virtualbox with
some folks from the neurodebian team
for the merits of virt-install and veewee) and at that time I don't
think bootstrap-vz existed.

There is also a difference of approach, I prefer to use debian-installer
and its preseed file instead of debootstrap, which allows among other
things to build the image as non-root and enables to use a preseed file.

I've just tried boostrap-vz, but I didn't manage to make it run yet

sudo ./bootstrap-vz --debug manifests/virtualbox-vagrant.manifest.json
brings me

  File "/home/manu/Projects/debian/bootstrap-vz/base/manifest.py", line
62, in schema_validator
    self.validation_error(e.message, e.path)
  File "/home/manu/Projects/debian/bootstrap-vz/base/manifest.py", line
66, in validation_error
    raise ManifestError(message, self.path, json_path)
common.exceptions.ManifestError: u'hostname' is a required property
Well, bootstrap-vz is still in active development (though it already works) and it occurs that code changes have not been updated on matching example manifests.
I see that Anders fixed the issue in the example manifest a few hours ago.

Solution will not fit all, but it is a nice way to (re)build images with same content for multiple cloud/virtualization providers, while being quite simple for average user. Manifest, from an example, is quite easy to understand and you have to possibility to run your own commands in the image.


I'll have a look at it in details.


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