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Removing overlayroot from cloud-initramfs-tools to address #732788


It's been too long that 732788 was left unanswered, and therefore,
cloud-initramfs-tools was removed from Testing. We need to address this
asap, and preferably, before cloud-initramfs-tools gets removed from

It is my understanding that overlayfs is still not upstreamed. At least,
it's not part of the kernel build we get currently in Sid. So I don't
think we'd loose anything if we get rid of overlayroot. Therefore, I'm
suggesting to remove overlayroot completely from cloud-initramfs-tools,
so we can close #732788.

So, if you do need the overlayroot package *AND* that you are willing to
do the work to have it working in Debian (I personally don't care and
wont have time to work on it, and don't think anyone does right now),
please reply to this message. Otherwise, after a few days, I'll upload a
new version of cloud-initramfs-tools without the overlayroot package.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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