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Official Debian Images for Vagrant

Hello Cloud !

I am maintaining Debian images for Vagrant, a kind of Virtualbox
environment manager (see vagrantup.com for details and
https://packages.debian.org/sid/vagrant )

I host these created images here: http://subsole.org/vanilladebianbox

Now the folks behind Vagrant are going to host an online service to host
these images, so I will propose the Debian image I create there.

I would like to make these images official as much as James Bromberger
did for Amazon, so I'd like to know what should I do for that.

I was thinking to follow these steps:

 * Move image documentation creation on wiki.debian.org
 * ask official permission to leader@ about the "right" to upload these
images to Vagrant online service
 * package the script used to create the images

Remarks, suggestions, rants ?


Notes: I am a DM, not a DD ( so my GPG key is in the debian-maintainer
keyring if needed)

Vagrant images are very similar to VirtualBox images, with a bit of
extra meta information.

The custom script I use to create the images uses d-i and a preseeded
set of pacakges.

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