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Re: Official Debian Images for Vagrant

> As bootstrap-vz is used for other images and helps to reproduce image
> creation for multiple providers, I would personally prefer to use
> bootstrap-vz for official images.

I had a look last summer at different ways to provide Virtualbox with
some folks from the neurodebian team
for the merits of virt-install and veewee) and at that time I don't
think bootstrap-vz existed.

There is also a difference of approach, I prefer to use debian-installer
and its preseed file instead of debootstrap, which allows among other
things to build the image as non-root and enables to use a preseed file.

I've just tried boostrap-vz, but I didn't manage to make it run yet

sudo ./bootstrap-vz --debug manifests/virtualbox-vagrant.manifest.json
brings me

  File "/home/manu/Projects/debian/bootstrap-vz/base/manifest.py", line
62, in schema_validator
    self.validation_error(e.message, e.path)
  File "/home/manu/Projects/debian/bootstrap-vz/base/manifest.py", line
66, in validation_error
    raise ManifestError(message, self.path, json_path)
common.exceptions.ManifestError: u'hostname' is a required property

I'll have a look at it in details.


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