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Re: Debian cloud images for OpenStack?

On 07/08/2013 06:16 PM, Juerg Haefliger wrote:
>> On 07/06/2013 08:18 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>>>> Right now we have cloud-init in backports and testing/Jessie (yay! Well done Thomas, Jakub and Charles).
>>> Thanks, but unfortunately, it is still waiting for FTP masters approval.
>> It seems I was wrong, cloud-init really is in backports already! :)
>> I wonder though why it still doesn't show on packages.debian.org.
> I was not able to use that version of cloud-init (from jessie)
> successfully.

That's what I used and backported. What functionality didn't work for
you? For me everything was working:
- ssh key was added in /home/debian/.ssh/authorized_keys2
- hostname was set correctly
- HDD was resized as expected

Am I missing something? What functionality are we missing because
lacking of these init scripts?

For me, the only problem seemed to be that cloud-init seems to write
/etc/modules, which I had customized in my image (we need to load the
acpiphp and pci_hotplug modules at start-up in order to support dynamic
mounts of cinder volumes). If anyone has a clue on how to fix, I'd be
happy to work out new packages with patches.

> It seems very broken to me and I filed a bug report a
> while ago but nobody seems to have picked it up yet:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=709173. Not sure if I
> did something wrong or filed it incorrectly.
> Wheezy is not using upstart or is it?
> ...Juerg

Both Wheezy and Jessie continue to use sysv-init / sysv-rc for the
moment. We do have upstart and systemd in the distribution, but IMO, we
should focus on supporting what is the default (even though adding
support for upstart and systemd would be nice).

On 07/08/2013 06:23 PM, Juerg Haefliger wrote:> I'm a strong advocate of
using cloud-init over any distro-specific
> tools for instance customization. It's not perfect but cloud-init is
> widely used by many distributions which makes it easier for users to
> move to Debian cloud images if we support it as well. I think any
> effort spent for making cloud-init work better with Debian is
> worthwhile.

I agree.


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