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Re: Debian cloud images for OpenStack?

On 07/06/2013 08:06 PM, Bromberger, James wrote:
> Having cloud-init in the AMIs is, IMHO, a core requirement for our next
> major release. Lots of newer things depend upon it.

I'm happy to read this.

> Right now we have cloud-init in backports and testing/Jessie (yay! Well done Thomas, Jakub and Charles).

Thanks, but unfortunately, it is still waiting for FTP masters approval.

> Moving from the current three scripts (resize root, fetch SSH key, and
> execute #! Userdata), to cloud-init, should be backwardly compatible.
> The question becomes: do we do this during the Wheezy cycle by pulling
> in from backports

I would vote for that, yes! And this is why I uploaded to backports.
Also, backports is currently part of Debian, so there isn't any
political problem with that.

> or wait until Jessie becomes stable?

That's in a year and a half, I think that's a way too long to wait.

> Similar discussions then arise about things like SDKs; which are open
> source, but change frequently. Should they be from main, or backports?
> Also the (new, unified, python-based) AWS cli: https://github.com/aws/aws-cli/ - backports, or main?

Backport *IS* main. So I'm unsure what you are proposing. Do you mean
backports or Jessie? If we want backports, then it has to reach Jessie

> (PS: really looking forward to getting some good discussions at Debconf going on what we want to do)

Likewise! :)


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