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Re: autopkgtest for security archive Bug#1002927: dgit test casds use abolished compat versions Bug#1002985: ruby-redis breaks ruby-fakeredis autopkgtest Bug#1003016: node-chart.js breaks cacti autopkgtest: did Chart.js just got renamed to chart.js? Bug#1003017: dulwich: autopkgtest regression: src/debian/tests/testsuite3: 10: -m: not found Bug#1003020: openblas breaks hypre autopkgtest on armhf: test times out after 2:47h Bug#1003061: dmrgpp: autopkgtest failure on armhf: segmentation fault Bug#1003077: lesana: autopkgtest failure: No module named 'git' Bug#1003349: scour: autopkgtest needs update for new version of librsvg: DeprecationWarning: Rsvg.Handle.render_cairo is deprecated Bug#1003561: mypy breaks python-sop autopkgtest: Missing type parameters for generic type "_SubParsersAction" Bug#1003562: python-psutil breaks patroni autopkgtest: psutil.Error: <unprintable Error object> Bug#1003563: aide: autopkgtest regression: unexpected character: '@' in /etc/aide/aide.conf.d/31_aide_spamassassin Bug#1003592: pysdl2: autopkgtest needs update for new version of libsdl2-ttf: text rendered 1px narrower than expected Re: Bug#1003619: skimage: autopkgtest usually fails on armhf - out of memory Bug#1003627: fpc: autopkgtest regression on ppc64el: Bug#1003628: imdbpy: autopkgtest failure on arm64: AssertionError: assert '' == 'Mandariinid' Bug#1003648: php-horde-ansel: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003649: php-horde-argv: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003651: php-horde-auth: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003652: php-horde-compress: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003665: php-horde-core: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003666: php-horde-crypt-blowfish: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003667: php-horde-data: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: deprecation warnings on stderr Bug#1003669: php-imagick: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: No PHPT expectation found in /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Runner/PhptTestCase.php Bug#1003670: php-mockery: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: Test directory "/tmp/autopkgtest-lxc.dt9l77z_/downtmp/build.5Ul/src/./tests/PHP80" not found Bug#1003674: php-sabre-vobject: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: ValueError: Epoch doesn't fit in a PHP integer Bug#1003678: sqlite3 breaks crowdsec autopkgtest: invalid type \"INTEGER\" for column Bug#1003679: cryfs: autopkgtest regression on armhf: Resource temporarily unavailable Bug#1003684: double-conversion: autopkgtest regression on i386: ./run_tests: terminated by signal 6 Bug#1003687: python-pip breaks python-virtualenv autopkgtest: invalid syntax Bug#1003744: php-horde-crypt: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: errorHandler(), 4 passed and exactly 5 expected Bug#1003746: php-horde-imp: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: Failed asserting that 'This action is not supported. horde.warning' contains "Reply Sent." Bug#1003747: php-horde-ldap: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: internal LDAP link is invalid Bug#1003784: php-horde-wicked: (autopkgtest) needs update for php8.1: Text_Wiki_Parse_Paragraph::process(): Argument #1 ($matches) must be passed by reference, value given Bug#1003847: binutils breaks glibc autopkgtest on ppc64el: unrecognized opcode: `vspltisb' (and others) Bug#1004046: python-aioamqp: autopkgtest regression: No module named 'pamqp.commands' Bug#1004047: python-django-dbconn-retry: autopkgtest failure: Authentication failure Bug#1004048: golang-github-komkom-toml: autopkgtest regression on armhf/i386: -{"hex3":3735928559}, +{"hex3":-559038737} Bug#1004077: node-pbkdf2: autopkgtest regression on s390x Bug#1004087: pillow breaks img2pdf autopkgtest: TypeError: object is not an array Bug#1004094: pillow breaks python-imageio autopkgtest: assert (150, 200, 3) == (150, 200, 4) Bug#1004096: lua-cliargs: autopkgtest regression: module 'system' not found Bug#1004097: lua-mediator: autopkgtest regression: module 'system' not found Bug#1004098: lua-say: autopkgtest regression: module 'system' not found Bug#1004099: lua-system: autopkgtest regression: module 'mediator' not found Bug#1004101: ignition-fuel-tools: autopkgtest needs update for new version of ignition-common: Package 'ignition-common3' not found Bug#1004107: meson: flaky autopkgtest on armhf: dictionary changed size during iteration -> timeout Bug#1004211: dirty.js: autopkgtest failure on armhf and ppc64el Bug#1004212: berkeley-abc: autopkgtest regression on arm64, i386 and ppc64el: Segmentation fault Bug#1004420: openmsx-catapult: flaky autopkgtest: local variable 'done' referenced before assignment Bug#1004506: muscle breaks theseus autopkgtest: Unknown option maxiters Bug#1004508: ocrad: autopkgtest regression: undefined reference to `png_g* Bug#1004509: pyfai: autopkgtest regression on armhf: images have different dimensions Bug#1004510: asterisk-opus: Depends on asterisk-1fb7f5c06d7a2052e38d021b3d8ca151 which is gone Bug#1004511: luajit breaks knot-resolver autopkgtest on ppc64el: Segmentation fault Bug#1004512: autodock-vina: autopkgtest regression on armhf: warning on stderr Bug#1004516: cwltool breaks toil autopkgtest: No such file or directory: '/home/debci/tmp/tmpgxz5j85g' Bug#1004606: django-q: autopkgtest regression on armhf and i386 Bug#1004699: libdigest-bcrypt-perl breaks libdancer2-plugin-passphrase-perl autopkgtest: Bcrypt needs encoded text Bug#1004703: ruby-pygments.rb: autopkgtest regression: No such file or directory The last update was on 21:00 GMT Mon Jan 31. 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