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Re: Bug#1003619: skimage: autopkgtest usually fails on armhf - out of memory

Control: reassign -1 src:skimage
Control: severity -1 important
Control: found -1 0.18.1-1


On 12-01-2022 19:25, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
The skimage autopkgtest usually, but not always, fails on armhf with several out-of-memory errors:

Flaky test are normally RC (but see below). Please fix the test (or disable it on armhf via the "Architecture" field in the d/t/control file [1]).

It currently happens that the last migration-reference passed and the last few non-references failed, so this counts as an autopkgtest regression.  I consider it more likely that the server just happened to have more RAM free when it ran the reference, but I don't have proof of that.

Our host that runs armhf tests has 255 GB RAM, so I doubt it's free RAM (we never come close to full use: https://ci.debian.net/munin/ci-worker-armel-01/ci-worker-armel-01/memory.html) This looks more like it's reaching the limits of the *reachable* memory on 32 bits architectures. See e.g. the discussion we had in https://github.com/pytroll/satpy/issues/1883 (near the end)

That said, it seems that version 0.18.1-1 was most of the time passing until 2021-06-13. I think that's about the time that we switched hosts for our arm64 tests. The new host is *more* powerful and has *more* memory; 140 cores and as said 255 GB. As the maintainer of ci.d.n I offer my help to debug the issue. I can run the test on our host, is there something I can run or collect in the testbed that would help you debug the issue?


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/ci-team/autopkgtest/-/raw/master/doc/README.package-tests.rst

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