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Re: autopkgtest for security archive

Hi DSA, ,

On 14-10-2021 16:10, Paul Gevers wrote:
Thanks to Pavit, our GSOC intern of the past season, we nearly have all
the pieces in place to support the security team to run autopkgtest on
embargoed uploads on the ci.debian.net infrastructure. We plan to have
one stable node work as a proxy for the workers that need the packages
from the embargoed archive. Apart from adding our broker node IP to the
list of accepted IPs and sharing from your side what the URL of the
embargoed archive is (can be shared in private if preferred, obviously)
are there any other considerations from you that we need to take into
account to make this happen?

Can the IP address [1] of our proxy host be added to the whitelist of IP's that have access to the (embargoed) security archive? Than we can work with the security team to start scheduling autopkgtest runs on security packages.



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