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Re: autopkgtest for security archive

Hi Antonio,

On 28-01-2022 19:23, Ansgar wrote:
Moritz Mühlenhoff writes:
We're happy with this and we'd love to see this :-)

I merged and deployed the change[1].

Now that this hurdle is taken, what are the next actions?

I think the following:
* Create an account for the release team to use. The release team has
  "britney" but I propose to just go with "security-team", to avoid
  o Alternatively, we provide the access on security team members, but I
    think a team role is better, assuming it works in their flow.
* Enable the security archive for the account mentioned above.
* Help the security team to get started and explain the designed flow.
* Fix issues that the security team discovers that prevent them from
  using the service ;)


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