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[no subject] Re: [FYI] ¤å ¤Æ ¶Ç «H §ë ¸ê ¤@ ¤d ¸U ¬ã ¨s ¤¤ ¤å ¾Þ §@ ¨t ²Î Re: §Ú¥ý¸ÕµÛĶ Using the Shell¡BLogging in¡B The basics ³o¤L³¹¡C Re: ¬°¤°¤\guideªº¦n¤L³¹Åܦ¨¨S¤HĶ¤F¡H [Announce] AutoConvert 0.1p2 [ANNOUNCE]AutoConvert 0.3.1 Release [ANNOUNCE]AutoConvert 0.3.2 Release(bugfix version) [ [cle-devel] October GNOME] [FYI] 文 化 傳 信 投 資 一 千 萬 研 究 中 文 操 作 系 統 [ ITP:jfbterm/me] [ ANNOUNCE: Xfsft-1.1.7] [thhsieh: New patch for rxvt-2.7.1] anyone know what happened to debian-user? cce 0.36 Debian Guide URL FORW: 一些新東西... FORW: Re: 诚邀对完善“星际译王”感兴趣的朋友! hi, there! HKSAR's GCCS extension to Big5 revised and renamed to HKSCS how to install potato? Input and Display Chinese in Xwin q. on list admin [was: Re: hi, there!] Test translators for dpkg and dselect wanted An up-to-date mirror? [was Re: how to install potato?] which locale? plz clarify me 我先試著譯 Using the Shell、Logging in、 The basics 這几章。 為什么guide的好几章變成沒人譯了? 扂夔堆疆鎘ˋ The last update was on 09:24 GMT Sun May 12. There are 57 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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