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Re: which locale? plz clarify me

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999 04:11:59 +0800
Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.dhs.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 12:54:50AM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
> |which one to use? plz?
> |zh_CN.GB2312 as found in kde and many more, or
> |zh_CN.EUC as found in TurboLinux-CN, or
> |zh as found in XFree86, or
> |zh_CN and zh_TW like others been found in glibc/locale.alias?
> |
> |and why? which one's debian's prefer? plz clarify me.... sleepy.....
> Currently zh_CN.GB2312 should be the one that's used the most
> extensively in Debian, although there are often problems 
> here and there. Personally I'm waiting for the locales support
> in glibc to stablize, as I know they are making a new repertoiremap,
> and so the GB locales may need to be rewritten soon (although I'm
> not 100% sure). I forsee that there'll also be GBK in glibc as
> things proceed.
¦ý¬OGBK¤£­Ý®e EUC¡A³o¼Ë­ì¨Ó¬°EUC³]­pªº¤@¨ÇªF¦è´N­n§ï¡C
glibc2.1¨½ªºeuc-cn.c©Mgb2312.c³£¤£¯à¥Î¦bGBK¤W¡CTurboLinux 4.0¨½
ªºglibc-2.1.1-4.SRPM¡A¨ä¤¤¦³¤@­Ópatch´N¬Ogbkªºiconv module¡C
§Ú«e¤Ñ­èµ¹Ulrich Drepper¼g«H½Í¨ì³o­Ó°ÝÃD¡C¥L»¡³o­Ópatch¥L¦­´N®³¨ì¤F¡A

> As I don't want to rush for a temporary solution, I'm not doing
> much work in improving a better GB environment. I would rather
> look for opportunities to help glibc to achieve what they think as
> the 'right way to do'.
> Of course, anyone who is willing to persue this can send bug reports
> to appropriate developers :)


Best Regards

Adoal Xu

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