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Re: which locale? plz clarify me

really really sorry, that i cannot read you mail in chinese,
neither in simplified or traditional. guess it's on my side
the fault, ;) give me a break, i'll fix this later, ;)
(sure netscpae's no problem, but i'm using mutt w/ chinese
capable vc...) 

plz somebody could send me your chinese capable .muttrc? :)

i'm concered 'bout the locale name 'cause i'm dealing
it w/ some of the programms in XteamLinux. i don't wanna
do it wrong and be forced to do them again. ;)
plz give me your hands. thank you! :)

btw, could debian put together a dot files' set which is
friendly to the chinese users? like the config file
for lynx/mutt et al to view chinese?
(it takes me quite a while to get the lynx run for chinese ;)
i figured it out maybe last year, but it's sad everytime
a new system is up, i've to go through every dot file around...

i shall set them up for the next release of XteamLinux...

another queston is that since there're some chinese capable
VC around, somebody maybe wanna have some chinese characters
displayed out when otherwise be shown the "login: " prompt,
the problem is that i seemd cannot make this ok w/ locale
support, i indeed lost totally on this point, how can i decide
the locale setting before even the users login? there sure is
a system wide locale setting but how could i change it?

and then what about the fortune-mod program? i will put some
chinese fortune together, but i've not figured out a nice way
to let it support the locale, i mean, when the users set the locale
to C, the fortune should not display chinese out but english instead,
my solution is very ugly on it. ;)

last, since i'm doing Perl/Tk develop, i'm wondering about
the Perl locale support. (but, gosh! i even have not read
the man page! ;)

nice day!


On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 08:28:14AM +0800, Adoal Xu wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Oct 1999 04:11:59 +0800
> Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.dhs.org> wrote:
> > On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 12:54:50AM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
> > |which one to use? plz?
> > |zh_CN.GB2312 as found in kde and many more, or
> > |zh_CN.EUC as found in TurboLinux-CN, or
> > |zh as found in XFree86, or
> > |zh_CN and zh_TW like others been found in glibc/locale.alias?
> > |
> > |and why? which one's debian's prefer? plz clarify me.... sleepy.....
> > 
> > Currently zh_CN.GB2312 should be the one that's used the most
> > extensively in Debian, although there are often problems 
> > here and there. Personally I'm waiting for the locales support
> > in glibc to stablize, as I know they are making a new repertoiremap,
> > and so the GB locales may need to be rewritten soon (although I'm
> > not 100% sure). I forsee that there'll also be GBK in glibc as
> > things proceed.
> GB2312??????EUC??????????LC_CTYPE????????????????????
> LC_MESSAGE????????????????????????????????????
> ????GB2312????????????????????????????????????GB13000(GBK)??
> ????GBK?????? EUC????????????EUC??????????????????????
> glibc2.1????euc-cn.c??gb2312.c??????????GBK????TurboLinux 4.0??
> ??glibc-2.1.1-4.SRPM????????????patch????gbk??iconv module??
> ??????????Ulrich Drepper??????????????????????????patch??????????????
> ??????2.2??????????????????????????locale??????2.1??????????????
> ??????????faint??*??????#??????*??#????????*#????
> > As I don't want to rush for a temporary solution, I'm not doing
> > much work in improving a better GB environment. I would rather
> > look for opportunities to help glibc to achieve what they think as
> > the 'right way to do'.
> > Of course, anyone who is willing to persue this can send bug reports
> > to appropriate developers :)

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