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Re: how to install potato?

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999 13:01:52 +0800
Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.dhs.org> wrote:

> ¦pªG§A¬O¦b³s½uªº±¡ªp¤U¤É¯Å¡A¥Î apt-get «K¥i¥H¤F¡C
> §Ú­è§â¦Û¤vªº¾÷¾¹±q slink upgrade ¨ì potato¡A¥Îªº¥u¬O³o¨Ç¨BÆJ¡J
> 1. ¥[³o¤@¦æ¨ì /etc/apt/sources.list
> deb ftp://niet.webforce.com.hk/debian unstable main contrib non-free
> 2. apt-get update
> 3. apt-get install <packages that you want>, e.g. apt-get install apt  dpkg
> «Ü¤è«Kªº¡A»Ý­nªº«K apt-get install, ¦]¦ü¤£¥Î¤@¦¸¹L§â©Ò¦³ªº packages ¤É¯Å¡C
¤£¦n·N«ä¡A§Ú¨S¦³³s±µ³t«×¤ñ¸û§Öªºdebian mirror site¡A


Best Regards

Adoal Xu

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